Green Top Wildlife Management Area is named after the Green Top Diner in Friend, Nebraska.  The diner, known for its iconic green roof, was the popular place to stop for those traveling on the interstate, which is now Highway 6, through Nebraska in the 1940s.  The stop featured the diner, a repair shop, and gas station.  Encompassing the tail waters of Turkey Creek Dam Site #9, the area is made up of 160 acres of native grasses, trees and shrubs in the northwest quarter of section 13, township 7 north, range 1 east in Saline County, Nebraska (5 miles south of Friend, at the corner of County Roads 600 and I).  More specifically, the area contains 138 acres of land and 22 acres of surface water.  This area is a designated Wildlife Management Area, and as such is open to public access for hunting, fishing, trapping and hiking.



Activities and Amenities